Software Asset and

License Management 

Software Asset and License Management

Software licenses and maintenance costs generally account for a significant part of the annual IT budget. Effective management, control and protection of software assets, optimizing their value and managing the risk associated with software license compliance are essential. However, software assets are often not well monitored, many organizations do not know if their license status is above or below the price they paid, resulting in significant unrecognized liabilities or unused (idle) products. Optimizing the management of software assets can help achieve positive results and avoid unwanted surprises.

Often, many different functions are involved in the purchasing, installation, transportation, renovation and destruction processes of software assets. Ineffective governance, lack of standardization and automatic renewal, and complex software arrangements can result in excessive costs, needful investments, and over-licensing.

Many organizations are not familiar with complex licensing issues such as software that comes with other product and service hardware, a wide variety of software licensing terminology, and complex software rules that determine the terms of use of the product. In addition to physically monitoring software assets, the optimization and management of each software product used by the organization according to the general terms of the contract is a completely different task.

As a result, there are significant risks to your company in terms of financial, legal and regulatory issues or over-licensing. Even in well-controlled IT departments, simple misunderstandings about unlicensed software, unapproved purchases, or distribution rules often go unnoticed for years until software companies audit them. In this case, MOS Academy's Software Asset Management (SAM) services will help you. Our experts provide services for license optimization, financial and compliance risk reduction, and control of software assets for many software assets.

MOS Academy offers a wide range of services for the effectiveness of your software asset management system. These services can be listed as follows:

  • Establishing the Software Asset Management Lifecycle

  • Software Asset Management Process Improvement

  • Assessment of Current Undergraduate Position

  • Determination and Adaptation of SAM Automation Tools

  • Determining License Optimization Opportunities

SAP License Management

Software licenses and maintenance costs generally account for a significant part of the annual IT budget. Effective management, control and protection of software assets, optimizing their value and managing the risk associated with software license compliance are essential.

Our Services

  • SAP License Position and Optimization

  • Use of Software Asset Management (SAM) Technologies

  • SWAP Analysis

  • SAP Authorization Assessment & Optimization

Smart Track

Our German Partner Aspera's award-winning Software Asset Management tool, provides important information for compliance and savings, and saves up to 30% on license costs under 12 months. In the first year of using SmartTrack, your company will get a full return on their investment. In fact, many customers achieve 300% ROI in a 3-year period.

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What is SAM?

Software inventory management, known as Software Asset Management (SAM) in the world, is a consultancy service we offer to manage the software inventory of our customers in the best way and implemented by many companies around the world. The purpose of Microsoft SAM consulting service; To enable organizations to create a dynamic IT system, to meet the demands of the rapidly changing business environment and to adapt to new conditions comfortably. With the technology they use; It assists organizations in determining strategies that improve the dynamic characteristics of employees, processes, infrastructure and platforms. With SAM, the software lifecycle process, which includes all stages from software purchase to installation, from support services to removal of unused software; We examine them on the basis of users, processes and technologies and help you position the right model for your company.

What are the benefits of SAM?

Implementing SAM; It is necessary for rationalizing and lowering IT costs, using IT resources more effectively, facilitating IT business processes, managing risks and better corporate governance.

Cost Savings

  • By providing central license management, central purchasing and license discounts; it facilitates cost planning, budgeting and bill payments.

  • SAM optimizes the number of software. Besides the license costs; infrastructure, maintenance and management costs are also reduced. Expenditures are also optimized by better understanding of IT needs by departments such as finance and purchasing.

  • Institutions; They can reduce costs by 30% in the first year of SAM, and by 8% and 10% in the following years. (Return on Investment: Financial Benefits of Software Asset Management, Gartner)

  • SAM enables you to professionally manage all your software (and hardware if you wish) regardless of the supplier, and throughout the life of the products.

  • It helps you to make better budget planning for your projected expenditures and purchases by increasing the visibility of your IT expenditures.

Corporate Governance

  • Consistent, up-to-date and well-structured records help clarify the status of software assets and make strategic IT decisions easier.

  • With the improvement of IT processes, communication between units increases, while transparency and performance increase throughout the organization.

  • Effective use of software provides more effective support while increasing user satisfaction.

  • Compliance with best practices in the market such as COBIT, ITIL, ISO standards is ensured.

  • Easy integration is provided during mergers, transfers and acquisitions.

  • It enables you to respond to opportunities and customer demands in the market in a shorter time.

  • Risk Management and Compliance

  • Legal risks are prevented by keeping the installed and purchased license records up-to-date.

  • Unsupported technologies are taken under control, update deficiencies and security risks that may arise from unlicensed software are prevented. In this way, the risk of data loss can be minimized.

  • By preventing unauthorized software downloads and installations, the entry of malicious code and viruses is prevented.

The software asset management structure is important in order for organizations to manage their resources efficiently. Below you can find our services we offer to improve your software asset management structure:

  • Evaluation, design and improvement of the SAM (software asset management) process

  • License review studies and auditing

  • Design of licensing models, verification of compliance with contracts and optimization

  • Providing selection, installation and management support for SAM (software asset management) tools

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